Thursday, February 8, 2007

Located on the upper floor of Casa d’Os Dias da Água, the Hotel des Artistes
is a residence space that welcomes artists.

Casa d’Os Dias da Águas’ intense and eclectic agenda generates a continuous
intersection and rotation of several artists and art projects.

Hotel des Artistes was the missing element on the ongoing expansion of Casa
d’Os Dias da Água’s possibilities.

The Hotel des Artistes’ project will work in two ways. On one hand, it will
provide housing for the traveling artist staying in Lisbon to engage in a
given event or exhibition. Additionally, the Hotel will serve as a
residence, offering the means, time and silence the artists require to
develop projects in Lisbon.

Casa d’Os Dias da Água, with its five floor art-deco building and backyard
garden, is a quiet and inspiring space which provides the perfect mood for
creativity and reflection.

The Hotel des Artistes has five bedrooms, two restrooms, one dining room
equipped with kitchen and laundry.

The project was produced by Joana Dilão, the interior decoration is by the
set designer João Figueira Nogueira and Casa d’Os Dias da Água’s team.

Only people who maintain an art or art-related project in Lisbon will be
allowed in the Hotel des Artistes. Interested candidates should send
personal data, with a detailed C.V. and a brief description of their current
project to Casa d’Os Dias da Água.

Indidual bedrooms : 15 euros

Double bedrooms: 20 euros